Brown, Judith M., Modern India : the origins of an Asian democracy, Delhi & New York, Oxford University Press, Second Edition 1994, ISBN 0198731132.* Book Description and brief summary.

 “The Origins of an Asian Democracy… is not, and is not intended to be, a work which breaks new ground in thinking about change in modern India. But it is easily the most persuasive and comprehensive guide to Indian politics since the 1880s, and to the emergence of the Congress Party. Much more detailed than its competitors, the histories by Spear, Wol­pert, or more recently by Kulke and Rothermund, it also provides a great deal of new material on the 1930s, and on India during the Second World War, which will be of value for teaching in World History and Colonial History courses” - JSTOR: English Historical Review: Vol. 103, No. 406, p. 267