David Steinberg




Born 1944 in London to mother (RAF) and Canadian father (pilot RCAF); Raised in Montreal


Retired Canadian Civil Servant (Canadian International Development Agency- CIDA).  At CIDA conducted policy analysis, economic analysis, information management related analysis and managed and developed CIDA’s Virtual Library for International Development.





U. New Brunswick 1962-4

Oxford 1964-8

Toronto 1969-71


At Oxford attended the lectures of one of the greatest Dead Sea Scrolls expert Geza Vermes


Studied history and Jewish related topics all his life.


Author of a number of papers available on the Internet on



Published - Broadening the Bandwidth to the Home: Benefits and Migration Paths in Global Communications Interactive 97 (published by Hanson Cooke for ITU 1997)



Volunteer guide at the Museum of Civilization exhibit Ancient Treasures and the Dead Sea Scrolls


Author of the web Guide to Ancient Treasures and the Dead Sea Scrolls